Product Information

Discover what Detacol can do for your business by reducing costs, boosting revenue and streamling your debt recovery process.

Whatever the size of your company, DETACOL provides a cloud based debt collection platform with a built-in profiling and risk management engine to determine the most effective means to communicate with your customers through SMS and Email to reclaim your unpaid bills. Detacol allows you to take full control of your debt collection.

Detacol will analyse your customer responses and establish where possible trends and patterns and provide recommendations on the most effective communication strategies for your different customers.

debt recovery console


With Detacol, we use SMS and Email to communicate with your customers. This way we can track if the SMS gets delivered. SMS are difficult to ignore so they will be read.

  1. • No up front licensing fees.
  2. • No termination clauses or commitment clause.
  3. • You only pay for the number accounts processed.
  4. • Accelerate and streamline your Debt Recovery process.
  5. • Integrated card payment facility fully secure and PCI compliant.
  6. • Affordable repayment plans for your customers
  7. • Secure cloud based technology, therefore no software to install or hardware to purchase.
  8. • Bulk upload and processing (upload via csv file).
  9. • Workflow management and complete automation.
  10. • Communicate with your customers using your corporate branding.
  11. • Fully configurable communication strategies tailored to specific customer profiles.
  12. • MI Reporting, with a dashboard to keep track of recovery progress.

To find out more details on how Detacol works,further reading can be found in our help section.